19 May 2024

About Us

Welcome to IndianSnake.com, is a website where you will get complete information about Indian snakes like which snake is poisonous and where they like to live. In this website we have discussed snakes in depth, if you are curious to know about any snakes then you are at the right place. After a lot of research, we have written the content on this website which will be very beneficial for you. On this website (Indian Snake), we have also told about the species of snakes, how many types of poisonous snakes are found in India and how many are not poisonous, what food they like to live in, in which environment.

Our Mission

At IndianSnake.com, our mission is to promote awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the rich biodiversity of snakes found in India. We aim to break myths and misconceptions surrounding these remarkable creatures while fostering a sense of coexistence between humans and snakes.

Thank you for being a part of IndianSnake.com. Together, let’s celebrate the diversity, beauty, and importance of Indian snakes. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved, feel free to contact us.